Through our experience with having successful start-ups of our own, we understand how difficult penetrating  a market can be.  Our team includes Technolog Experts with years of experience, marketing professionals of the highest ranks, and operational gurus.  Our Team was built upon values of helping to better the world - and that's what we plan on doing.


It started out as 3 friends with similar mindsets - we all thought we could do something much bigger than we were currently doing. After countless nights discussing ideas we finally decided to act on an idea to revolutionize Law Enforcement, there was one problem though, we didn't know where to start. The only thing we knew is we needed someone who actually knew how to code mobile apps. So, we took to the place you go when you have no place to go - Craigslist! Through a god-send and some luck we found a great developer and even better person - Matt. After several long nights and years we found some success and noticed one thing - people kept asking us how the hell we did it? This is when we decided we should help others live their dream. 


Justin Insalaco

The Connector

Matthew Roselli

The Planner

Jason Elhomsi

The Thinker

Matt Young 

The Builder